December 4, 2013 - Corduroy Man - Released

Chad Ball's 'Corduroy Man' album released 12/04/13.

-His second studio album, Corduroy Man, is classic, pure Chad Ball acoustic songwriting. Much of Ball's writing on the album seems to be influenced by... well... music itself, with the tales from his "writer's block" which he describes in 'Cold Highway'. Or his happpening to know the "best guitar picker in the world", written about his older brother, singer/songwriter/guitarist, Ian Newbill. Or his account of not having any money while attending college in Montana and looking for any gig he could get, in the Croce tribute, 'Ray and a Waiter'.

But Ball also veers into writing about his personal relationships with the James Taylor like rhythm in 'Your Man', or 'Gettin' Out of Town', written about Late Nite Radio drummer, Corey Curran. Corduroy Man will have you coasting through fast and slow, happy and sad, hot and cold tunes that will beg to be added to even the most diverse of playlists.

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