New Album Announcement

Hey Folks,

Glad to be givin' ya an update on what's happenin' - All the songs are written for the new album and we're all pretty psyched about 'em. I had an awesome time writing them and it was good to take a little break from the steady gig schedule that I've had the past 5 years. I emphasize little... I never can take too long of a break from the stage - I start missing it too much. And I wouldn't miss it so bad if it wasn't for all of you folks who come to the shows. So... Big thanks to all of you.

Got some cool gigs comin' up with some pretty slick fellas so keep an eye out for upcoming shows. One notable show is December 8th with Frankin Ballard, country music artist and performer.

The new album is underway in the studio and I can't wait to start playin' these songs live. Check out the 'Old Love' video for a sneak peek at the vibe on the new album.

Hope to see you all soon!!


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