Mile High Americana - May 2nd

Chad Ball and a hand full of other original southwest Montana artists collab for a show at the Quarry
Doors at 5:30

Heather Lingle in the Studio

Big thanks to Heather Lingle for working with us in the studio! I had the idea for this duet quite awhile ago, and it looks like it's going to make the album. Awesome.
Check out Heather's stuff at where…

Studio Album - PROGRESS!

What's happenin!!! Been bustin' ass in the studio the last couple weeks. As you can see, Logan (Drummer, Left) and I are lookin' pretty wore out.  Things are goin' well, though. Haven't started mixing yet, but that will be soon…

New Album Announcement

Hey Folks,

Glad to be givin' ya an update on what's happenin' - All the songs are written for the new album and we're all pretty psyched about 'em. I had an awesome time writing them and it was good…

'Old Love' - Chad Ball

Little peek at a song on the next album. Keep checkin' in. Hopfully should be done Spring 2015